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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Whoo, an update. 

Okay, I apologise for the lack of updates lately. Life has got me on the short leash and it makes it hard to find the time to update. But remember, I will never ditch this site! Never ever! :D

That being said, I added up the gallery page for the episode "The Kure". More coming, as soon as I get my DVD burner installed into my computer. (I always pilfer my sister's laptop computer to do my screenshotting. If I screenshot from my encodes, the quality tends to dip because I don't know how to do nice encodes. so I avoid doing that as much as possible!)

If you're itching for more activity, then why not mosey on over to the forums? You'll find a ton of goodies there, including the Christmas Special as well as UK version episodes, donated by some of our lovely members, including my co-admin Jessie. ^_^

And if you haven't already done so already... GO GO GO TO INSEKTORS.COM! Niatona got his site up awhile ago and it's wonderful! You can download (almost) the entire series of the NA version of the show! GO NOW! ;D



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