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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Some good news, as well as some new stuff...

Well, after many, many years of wanting to do this.. I finally am able to screencap episodes! Thanks to my sister's new laptop and her DVD-rom player. I have also encoded French versions of the episodes. This is a dream come true, folks. Soon this site is gonna kick major ass. Now, if only Yahoo and Google would list my damn site, already, so it will actually come up if you search for "Insektors"!

Soon to come:
-Galleries, sorted by episode; around 70 images per episode!
-Updated Episode Guide, cpmplete with summaries
-Updated and better Character Profiles, as the ones I have on the site now were done quickly and weren't meant to be taken completely seriously. :P

But, on with the good stuff.. the actual UPDATE.

I've been really busy lately, but slowly but surely I am constructing this site into something better and wonderful. :D

-Updated splash (entrance) page. Ain't it pretty?
-Added a Links page. I put all the Insektors sites, no matter how small, I could find, on there, as well as some links to find videos/DVDs. Also made another link banner that people can use to link to my site.
-Also, as you may have noticed, I added a ShoutBox! I like those things. It kinda looks pooey included into the side menu, so I might change it later. But for now, if you visit, then gimme a shout!
-Media page has been updated! Thanks to the magic that is YouTube, I am able to bring you some videos! Currently up are the Intro, Making Of Special, and Sick At Heart (UK Version of Krabo's Kase), given to me by the lovely Synapse of The Flower City some time ago. Yay for the power of the internets! <3



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